Crocodile Leather

The Australian saltwater crocodile leather is the finest grade of leather among the 27 crocodile species around the world. Ever since crocodile leather skin began to be used for handbags, fashion, wallets, belts and accessories, the top fashion companies from Europe were sourcing their leather from Australian saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) to make their exclusive designer products. One of the reasons for our high quality leather is due to the farming techniques and careful treatment of the crocodile including the food, minerals and vitamins they are given while growing. Croc Stock and Barra use only the highest grade Australian saltwater crocodile leather for their products. With us, you are paying for the product, not the name and you are getting a luxury product with the finest grade of leather created by master craftsmen here in Australia for a great price.

Barramundi Leather

Barramundi skin produces a leather that sits in the top 3 most durable leathers in the world. The leather we use at Croc Stock and Barra is wild caught by a local Darwin barramundi fisherman. Tanned like any other leather with a unique and amazing look. These dazzling colours have a rich vibrance, reflective of the beautiful Top End landscapes and waterways of where the Barramundi are caught.

Buffalo Leather

Buffalo leather is a strong, rugged and robust leather, and just like our crocodile and barramundi leather, it is a bi-product of the buffalo meat industry of Australia. Here at Croc Stock and Barra we aim to create products from materials that would otherwise go to waste. Please read more information below about 'Recycled Reptiles', 'Live Stock' & 'A Fishy Tale'.


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Crocodile Products

Recycled Reptiles

Recycled Reptiles

We source all our raw materials from local Darwin Crocodile farms. Primarily farmed for their skin and meat, Croc Stock and Barra have developed...
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Buffalo Products


Live Stock

Australian hides are derived from pure breeds or cross breeds of European and Tropical strains. Cattle are mainly bred for Beef although...
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Barramundi Products

A Fishy Tale

A Fishy Tale

The Barramundi leather is made by tanning and dying the skin of the Barramundi fish. The great thing about this leather is that it is created...
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